Gift Sets: Vegan

The holiday season is not just about decorations and gifts; it's also about self-care and indulgence. Treat your loved ones (or yourself) to the gift of luxurious hair care with our specially curated vegan hair product sets. Each product in these sets is not just a hair treatment; it's a commitment to cruelty-free, plant-powered beauty.

Joon - Saffron Hair Elixir

Begin your hair care journey with the golden touch of saffron. Joon's Saffron Hair Elixir is a luxurious blend designed to detangle, smooth, moisturize, and add a brilliant shine to your locks. It's a true elixir for hair health, inspired by traditional Persian beauty rituals.

Truss - Vegan Detox Shampoo

Cleanse and rejuvenate your hair with Truss Vegan Detox Shampoo. This formula goes beyond cleansing; it's a detox for your hair, gently removing impurities and leaving your locks refreshed and revitalized.

Pai-shau - Supreme Revitalizing Mask

Indulge in the supreme care of your hair with Pai-Shau Revitalizing Mask. This vegan-friendly mask is a powerhouse of nourishing ingredients, providing deep hydration and restoration for healthier, more vibrant hair.

Paul Mitchell - Clean Beauty Repair Leave-In Treatment

Repair and protect your hair with the Clean Beauty Repair Leave-In Treatment from Paul Mitchell. This vegan formula is enriched with powerful plant-based ingredients, leaving your hair soft, silky, and beautifully repaired.

Phyto - Phytocolor Color Protecting Shampoo

For those who love to add a pop of color to their hair, Phytocolor Color Protecting Shampoo is a game-changer. This vegan shampoo not only preserves your hair color but also nourishes and enhances its radiance.

Paul Mitchell - Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment

Give your scalp the love it deserves with the Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment. This vegan-friendly formula invigorates the scalp, leaving it refreshed and balanced. It's a spa-like experience for your hair and senses.

Alfaparf Milano - Semi Di Lino Curls Enhancing Low Shampoo

Define and enhance your curls with Semi Di Lino Curls Enhancing Low Shampoo. This vegan-friendly low shampoo is specifically crafted for curly hair, providing gentle cleansing and optimal curl definition.

Gifts That Speak Volumes

These vegan hair care sets aren't just about beauty; they're a celebration of cruelty-free, plant-powered goodness. Embrace the joy of giving with these thoughtful sets that elevate your hair care routine to a new level of indulgence. Explore our vegan hair care collection now and let the holidays bring out the best in your hair!

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