Biotop - 19 Starter Kit

Biotop - 19 Starter Kit

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As anyone who has gone platinum blonde knows, maintenance and care of pale blonde or gray shades can be difficult. Unwanted brass and yellow tones creep in and the hair can become dry or damaged. We’ve formulated an effective, easy fix to refresh, neutralize and moisturize blonde hair; restoring its glorious, fair hue.


Starter Kit includes:

  • (1) 19 PRO SILVER SHAMPOO: (0.67oz/20ml) Restore radiant silvers, whites, and platinum blondes with this nurturing shampoo that neutralizes unwanted yellow and brassy tones. All, while moisturizing hair and controlling frizz.
  • (1) 19 PRO SILVER HAIR MASK: (0.67oz/20ml) A post-bleach treatment that is an active, moisturizing mask. The mask’s unique formula eliminates yellow and brassy tones and refreshes silver and white hues.
  • (1) 19 PRO SILVER OIL: (0.33oz/10ml) The brassy-to-blonde secret also restores, protects, and nourishes blonde, silver, white and gray shades.

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