Beauty Image - European Wax Warmer

Beauty Image - European Wax Warmer

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This classic heater is built to easily warm wax to your desired temperature. It can warm hard wax in an aluminum pot and Sweet Dreams Wax Jars by simply putting them in and turning the temperature dial.

This wax heater can also warm your soft wax cans with the use of a simple metal adapter that comes included. It's easy: simply put the adapter inside the warmer and put the soft wax can on top.

  • Durable and resistant plastic exterior

  • Suitable for hard wax (with aluminum wax pot – not included)

  • Thermostat button with preset temperatures for optimal melting

  • 1 Soft wax can adapter

  • Six-month warranty

How to use: Plug the heater into the power supply and flick on the luminous switch located behind the heater. A red light will switch on indicating that the thermostat is working. Place the wax can or aluminum pot with hard wax in the burner and turn the thermostat knob to the maximum position to melt the wax. After 20-25 minutes the wax will be ready. Turn the knob to the middle position to keep the wax warm during use. Keep the lid on for optimal temperature retention.

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