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Roll-ons are an alternative way to use soft wax. The same soft wax you can find in a can comes in a convenient roller cartridge. To use roll-on wax, you also need a roll-on heater/applicator to get the wax to the correct temperature and help you in the application process. Roll-ons make waxing a lot easier and tidier as they eliminate the need of using spatulas, cans, tins, and other instruments that take more cleanup after the waxing procedure is done. They just need muslin strips. As for the results, roll-ons offer effective and clean waxing both on large or small areas, on fine or coarse hair. They are adaptable and safe to use on the body and face alike.
Beauty Image roll-ons are made with natural pine resins and fine natural ingredients that cater to all uses and preferences. 

  • Suitable for facial and body hair and all skin types

  • Creamy texture and low melting point

  • 3.9 fl oz (110 ml Roll-on) 

Available in:

- Azulene: formulated with natural resins and azulene, a calming ingredient that it is extracted from chamomile. It has restorative and anti-inflammatory properties that calm and soothe the skin. Very gentle to the skin since it does not contain Paraffin, leaving no residue behind.

- Banana: enriched with banana oil and titanium dioxide. Its high content in vitamins and minerals prevents skin irritation caused by waxing. Very gentle to the skin since it does not contain Paraffin, leaving no residue behind.

- Choco Wax: the combination of theobroma cacao oil and sweet almond oil achieve gentle and effective hair removal. Choco Wax Roll-on leaves the skin moisturized, regenerated, and lightly perfumed. This roll-on is a treat to the skin and the senses. Paraffin-free and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Fruits: is rich in antioxidants and titanium dioxide. It protects and moisturizes skin, so it makes for a gentle waxing procedure without irritation. The formula is enriched with essential fruit oils such as pineapple, kiwi, melon and grape. Paraffin-free.

- Green Pine: is formulated with pine resins and has natural cleansing/moisturizing properties. This roll-on is gentle on any skin type. Does not contain paraffin; therefore, it leaves no residue behind.

- Lavender Crème: has the antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, bactericide and anti-inflammatory properties of lavender extract. Lavender Crème Roll-on respects the natural balance of the skin.

- Luxe Detox: is just what you need to achieve perfect waxing and glowing skin. The powerful combination of activated charcoal and caviar extract is detoxifying, moisturizing, and brightening for the skin – it even helps to even out skin tone.

- Natural Honey: is popular for its golden honey color and smooth texture. Formulated with natural pine resins, it cleanses and stimulates the skin. It is very gentle to the skin since it does not contain paraffin, and therefore leaves no residue behind.

- Pink Crème: is enriched with ricinus communis seed oil & titanium dioxide. Softens & soothes the skin while absorbing the heat, so it is recommended even for people with high heat sensitivity.

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