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Soft body waxes are thinly applied on the body with a spatula; then a muslin strip is placed on top of the wax to be pulled and remove the hair. Because of their chemical composition, most soft body waxes leave residue behind. This means that oil or a wax remover is often necessary to avoid a sticky feeling on the skin. However, Beauty Image offers soft body waxes that do not contain paraffin and therefore do not leave residue.

Beauty Image's soft body waxes have an additional advantage: because they are paraffin-free, they melt at a lower temperature, which makes them milder on the skin and suitable for all skin types. These soft body waxes are so gentle that they can even be used on people who suffer from heat sensitivity, circulatory problems, or capillary fragility. 

  • Formulated with natural pine resins

  • Suitable for facial and body hair and all skin types

  • Effective on large areas

  • Low melting point

  • Slightly scented

Size: 14.1 oz

Available in:

- Azulene Wax: contains the ultimate anti-inflammatory compound extracted from chamomile and yarrow flowers: azulene. It has analgesic and detoxifying properties to soothe even the most sensitive skin while waxing.

- Banana Wax: is enriched with banana oil. Its high content in vitamins and minerals prevents skin irritation caused by waxing.

- Natural Honey Wax: is popular for its golden honey color and smooth texture. It is enriched with honey, vitamins, and trace elements that improve the appearance of the skin.

- Green Pine: Wax has the anti-inflammatory properties of pine resins. It offers maximum flexibility and grip on the hair.

- Lavender Crème: promotes skin healing and balance, which makes it ideal for any skin type. It is infused with lavender, which provides it with excellent antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, bactericide and anti-inflammatory properties. 100% allergen free.

- Olive Oil Wax: is enriched with the deep moisturizing properties of extra-virgin olive oil. This Mediterranean formula will satisfy even the most demanding clients. Protects all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. Leaves skin smooth and soft.

- Pink Crème Wax: is enriched with ricinus comminus seed oil. This smooth wax softens and soothes the skin while absorbing the heat.

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