Flowery - Blinky Nail Files - 120/150/180/240/280 Grit

Flowery - Blinky Nail Files - 120/150/180/240/280 Grit

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Flowery has been providing relevant and high-quality personal care products since the founder invented the emery board in 1910.

Offering four different grits for filling all natural nails, fingers-to-toes. The nail files in the Flowery Blinky Nail File give you options when caring for your nails.

These four-way files offer: Coarse, Medium and Fine grits to help you shape, smooth, buff and shine natural nails.

- Quality adhesive ensures no lifting or peeling.

- Even abrasive gives consistent results.

- Mark-resistant paper offers a "like new" look.

120/150/180/240/280 Grit

Size: 7.0 x 0.75 inches

Cod.: BLNKY-2

Color: Multi-color

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