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Get fine, thin hair growing strong with So Pure Energizing Shampoo, a gentle yet wonderfully invigorating shampoo that fights hair loss and makes fine hair stronger.

A dynamic cocktail of ginger, lemon and red ginseng is our secret to preventing hair loss and improving fine hair. So Pure Energizing products work to improves scalp’s circulation – with a stimulating effect on hair growth. In fact, in vitro tests reveal <25% faster hair growth when using So Pure Energizing lotion.

Very gentle – yet wonderfully invigorating – the organic oils in So Pure Energizing also smell fresh and stimulate the mind. Biotin strengthens hair – and certified organic argan oil nourishes hair and scalp. And of course, the shampoo is sulfate-free and extra gentle.

  • Improves fine and thin hair

  • Stimulates circulation and hair growth

  • Prevents hair loss

Hair type: Fine/Thin Hair

How to use: Shampoo the hair to cleanse. Shampoo the hair again and massage your scalp.

Key Ingredients

- Moroccan argan oil: Certified organic and rich in vitamins A & E, to nourish hair and scalp.

- Ginger oil: Certified organic oil that warms and energizes, stimulating scalp circulation.

- Lemon oil: Certified organic oil that energizes, improves scalp circulation and refreshes the spirit.

How to use So Pure Energizing 5-Step Treatment:

STEP 1. Energizing Essential Oil - Apply a few drops of essential oil to a hot towel and place the towel on your forehead.

STEP 2. Energizing Shampoo - Shampoo the hair to cleanse. Shampoo the hair again and massage your scalp.

STEP 3. Comb - Divide the hair into cake size slices.

STEP 4. Energizing Lotion - Apply the lotion in pivot-point partings, massage gently and leave in.

STEP 5. Moroccan Argan Oil - Apply Moroccan Argan Oil to the lengths and ends and leave in.

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