Truss - Scrub Therapy

Truss - Scrub Therapy

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Truss Scrub Therapy specifically protects against fungal growth and dandruff, while also providing anti-aging and refreshing benefits. Its unique formulation of natural agents remove accumulated residue, oiliness and provide a long-lasting sensation of revitalization.

How to use: Apply on damp scalp, massage gently for 5 minutes. Rinse.

Ingredients: Prebiotics, Multifunctional Actives, Apricot Microspheres, Cool Ice Menthol, Bio-Cysteine, Creatine, Wheat Protein and Vegetable Complex (Cinchona, Capsicum, Pollen, Arnica, Nettle, Pfaffia, Wheat Germ, Burdock, Hop, Timus, Aquilea, Juá, Lemon, Apple, Grape and Chlorophyll).


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