Truss - Therapy Shampoo

Truss - Therapy Shampoo

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Truss Therapy Shampoo is a shampoo designed to clean and treat all scalp disorders, including dandruff, allergies and psoriasis. Its pleasant cooling feeling, also helps to promote the scalp blood circulation, preventing hair loss.

Hair type: Damaged Hair, Dandruff Hair

How to use: Apply product, massage gently. Allow product to act for 2 minutes. Rinse. Repeat.

Active Ingredients:

Scurf Control: antifungal agent that acts on the scalp, controlling dandruff.

Nano Repair: micro-particles that are deposited on hair with high amounts of Amino Acid charges (positive), creating a protective layer promoting frizz reduction, color protection, shine, soft touch and intense conditioning.

Cool Ice Menthol: essential Oil extracted from the mint, provides a refreshing sensation.

Vegetal Complex:

Cinchona: stimulating, revitalizing and toning. Recommended against hair loss.
Capsicum: hair tonic and antiseptic. Stimulates and restores the hair bulb.
Pollen: especially rich in Vitamins A and E, Protein and growth hormone.
Arnica: stimulating and healing.
Nettle: stimulates and tones both hair and scalp, regulating the sebaceous production.
Pfaffia: stimulating and emollient.
Wheat Germ: moistures, conditions, restores and emolliates.
Burdock: antiseptic, bactericidal and anti-dermatitis. Astringent, hair stimulant, regulates  sebaceous production. Moisturizing and softener.
Hop: antiseptic and moisturizing.
Timus: antiseptic, anti-dandruff and anti-bactericidal. Activates blood circulation.
Aquilea: astringent that promotes reduction of skin pores. Anti-inflammatory, healing and antiseptic.
Juá: anti-inflammatory and peripheral circulation stimulant.
Lemon: antiseptic, astringent, anti-dandruff and anti-drowsiness agent.
Apple: moisturizing, refreshing and calming.
Grape: astringent, closes pores and reduces sebaceous secretion. Anti-inflammatory.
Chlorophyll: antiseptic, healing and astringent.

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