3 of Our 2021 Favorite Holiday Hairstyles

3 of Our 2021 Favorite Holiday Hairstyles

Though we can absolutely rock glamorous hairstyles any day of the year, holiday parties are a time when we tend to get dressed up especially gorgeous – hair to heels. If you are looking for some holiday hairstyle inspiration, look no further! Here are three of our 2021 favorites, along with instructions to help you achieve the stunning looks. 



1. Channel your inner Ariana Grande with this beautiful, effortless, half-up half-down style and luxurious curls. The style itself is actually quite simple to emulate, and even if you don’t have the same length as the bombshell in the photo, this style would be just as gorgeous with shorter hair. You will want to start bringing this look to life with a trusted heat protectant, like the Moroccanoil Perfect Defense, a wide-barrel curling iron (this BabylissPro Nano Titanium Iron would be perfect), and an elastic. Once you have curled all of your hair, you need to brush or run your fingers through the curls to loosen them, then you will pull the hair above your ears into a high pony (leaving two pieces in the front out). After that, wrap some hair from the ponytail around the elastic, then bobby pin the end to secure it. Complete the look with some hairspray and you are party-ready! 

2. An elegant holiday updo doesn’t have to require the help of a hairstylist. An updo like the one in our inspiration photo can easily be achieved on your own – and rather quickly, too! With this style, you will start by brushing your hair into a low pony, but instead of a pony, you will twist your hair to wrap into a ballerina bun. Leaving two pieces out in the front, you’ll then secure your bun with a clear elastic and bobby pins if you have any loose strands (or leave them out for a messier look). Next, you will curl the pieces framing your face with a BabylissPro curling iron or flat iron, then give your hair a healthy spritz of hairspray. As a final touch, add a dainty holiday hair accessory and the look is complete! 


3. An impressive, twisted pony might look like a hairstyle that is difficult to emulate, but this is yet another style you can easily do yourself. For this style, you will want to separate your hair in two parts (as if you were going to wear your hair in pigtails). From there, you will twist each part toward the back of your head, then secure the two twists together with an elastic. After you have secured the twists, you will notice they aren’t pulled tightly together like they are in the photo. Using a large pin, you can pull the two twists together at the center, then your low pony is finished! From there, you can style the ends of your hair however you wish (just don’t forget the heat protectant). A wand would probably be the best tool if you want to get the same look as the photo. Last, add a hair accessory of your choosing and you’re all set! 

Which of our three favorite holiday hairstyles are you going to try this season? Just don’t be surprised if you get asked for a quick tutorial at the holiday party!



Author: Kylie Loren

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