AHAVA - The Dead Sea secrets closer to you

It all started with a team dedicated to studying, protecting, and celebrating the wonders of nature. Headquartered in Israel, the resource-rich Dead Sea region; scientists sought to better understand how minerals and vegetables could benefit the skin, giving rise to AHAVA in 1988.

The natural phenomenon as a differential

The great of AHAVA products is that they activate your skin from the inside. With Osmoter ™, products have the strength to attract moisture and nutrients from the depths of the skin to the outer layers, where it is most needed. 

Deep connection to the earth.

All AHAVA decisions are eco-conscious. “The desert is called home and must be sustained” 

As a result, AHAVA scientists strive to minimally impact the environment while creating our formulas. The pioneering water return process at AHAVA's manufacturing facilities reflects ecological awareness, using local flora to filter waste and restore clean water to the desert. 

No floods, no fluff, no falseness

AHAVA believes in the balance between nature and science. In their formulas, there are many things that are difficult to find.

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