Fall Nail Inspo You Need to Try This Season

Fall Nail Inspo You Need to Try This Season

Fall has officially arrived! Fall brings in those traditional harvest-like activities, sweater weather, our favorite boots, and of course, fall tones in our manicures and pedicures! With favorite nail polish brands like OPI, Zoya, and Essie bringing their fall colors to our shop soon, the planning for fun new nail inspiration can commence. The classic, dark-toned, monochromatic fall mani or pedi is always a favorite this time of year, but there are truly endless fun nail designs you can create at home using one of our many nail polishes. Check out some of our favorites from Pinterest boards this season: 


Of course, it’s only fitting we start with a classic fall tone. A deep red or plum is a consistent fall favorite, and it’s really no question why. The tone matches well with any outfit – brown color schemes, black, and even light-colored outfits. A classic fall tone like the shade “Good Girls Gone Plaid” offered by OPI never goes out of style and can be worn again and again – with your entire fall wardrobe! 

What says “a Saturday at the pumpkin patch” better than this manicure? Blending together bright-fun tones we see in summer, shimmer that everyone loves, and the colors that remind us of going on a hay pale ride, this manicure is absolutely perfect for October. Not only does it emulate pumpkin season, but it also transitions nicely into Thanksgiving celebrations. It’s a must-try this Fall! This look can be accomplished using Essie’s “Playing Koi” on all nails apart from your ring ringer (topping the color off with the shimmery “Aggie” by Zoya), then applying multiple coats of Aggie to your accent finger for an opaque gold, shimmery, look. 

You might notice a slow increase in at-home difficulty as our list continues, this example being slightly more challenging than our last, but still easily doable! Here’s how to complete this stunning fall look: start with OPI’s “Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me” shade on all of your nails, using multiple coats. Then top that shade off with Essie’s “Matte About You” to create a matte look (as pictured). To complete the look, use OPI's "Cheers to Mani Years" on the ends of your nails, with a heavier application toward the tips. Voila! 


Fall certainly includes spooky season, so it’s only fitting we include a mani/pedi nail inspiration design that is perfect for the occasion. This spooky design may look like the most difficult in our list thus far, but achieving this look is actually quite similar to our previous fall example. Start by painting all of your nails with OPI’s “I’m Not Really a Waitress”, using a couple of coats. From there, you will need to create the ombre’ effect we see in the picture by using OPI’s “Black Cherry Chutney,” applying heavier at the tips of your nails and lighter toward the middle. Finish the look off with Essie’s “Matte About You”, just as we did with the last look, and you’re done! 


Creating a gorgeous fall manicure or pedicure is absolutely possible from the comfort of your own home (and the comfort of saving your hard-earned money, too)! We shared four simple looks you can certainly test out yourself, and once you see the stunning results of your own abilities, you’ll certainly find yourself looking through Pinterest boards at increasingly difficult designs – practice makes perfect, after all! When you find a new design to test out, picking the right colors is simple. Compare your inspiration photo with any of our many OPI, Essie, or Zoya shades to find the perfect match, then all that’s left is to get painting!


Author: Kylie Loren

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