How-To DIY Gorgeous Hair

How-To DIY Gorgeous Hair

You don’t have to go to a salon, and manage the costs that come with that, just to have beautiful, stylish, hair. With a careful approach, you can achieve salon-quality results, at a fraction of the cost, from your own home. If you want to try DIY hair color at home, follow this guide for exceptional results.

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Products Needed

It’s important to choose products that have trusted formulas. Though the color-swatch of many color lines may look similar, the formula of each product line makes a big difference in order to achieve the best results. That’s what knowledge hairdressers are equipped with, so they know how to find products with the right formula for their clients. We’re here to equip you with trusted products that will give you salon-quality hair.

A fantastic product and color line that comes at an affordable price is Aloxxi. They offer formulas for demi-permanent and permanent pigments, allowing the flexibility to find a color that perfectly aligns with your hair goals. Beyond the color variety offered, Aloxxi’s formula also provides unmatched gray coverage – something difficult to achieve at home.


Application Process

Beyond the knowledge in products and brands, hairdressers have learned application techniques, another key reason for why they achieve such beautiful results. Our pros have prepared some helpful application tips just for you. Check them out:

✓  When mixing color and developer, be extremely precise with how you measure each product. An unbalanced formula will either do almost nothing for your hair or it could cause a lot of damage to your hair, depending on where the mistake is made.
✓  Saturate your hair completely with the color mix. Inappropriate saturation is one of the biggest reasons DIY hair coloring goes wrong. Without the right saturation, you will notice sections of your hair left uncolored. The more saturated your hair is, the better your end-result.
✓  Follow the instructions for the product you are using very closely. If your product instructions say to leave the color on your hair for 35 minutes without heat, don’t add heat to finish in 20 minutes. Follow the product instructions carefully to ensure you will have your desired outcome.


Color Maintenance

Although we can mitigate a lot of the damage, coloring hair will always take away some of the health from it  – that is true whether your coloring was done at home or in a salon. To maintain your hair healthier, a good haircare routine is essential. After coloring your hair, Aloxxi has a fantastic product that will lock in the color while bringing moisture and shine back to your hair. 

Besides the day you color your hair, your haircare routine should be built around your hair’s health too. That might mean turning your flat iron or curling iron’s temperature down, and it certainly means using a good shampoo and conditioner. Aloxxi’s Bombshell shampoo and conditioner strengthen the hair to restore volume for full bodied style, an incredible option for all hair types. Another great Aloxxi product that helps to maintain color while providing intense nourishment and shine is the Instaboost Conditioning Color Mask. It allows you to refresh your color while giving your hair a boost of moisture – a fantastic two-in-one product.

Salon-quality hair does not have to come at such a high cost. You can DIY your hair color and still see gorgeous results. With a careful approach, trusted products, and a strong daily haircare routine, your hair will be looking so stunning and healthy that you will be bound to get compliments. And when you’re asked where you got your hair done, you’ll blow people away having accomplished something so amazing yourself.


Author: Kylie Loren

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