How To Upkeep Your Blonde So Well, Even Your Hairdresser Will Be Impressed

How To Upkeep Your Blonde So Well, Even Your Hairdresser Will Be Impressed

The idea of stunning, blonde hair or silver hair always sounds wonderful in theory, but unless you understand how to effectively maintain your gorgeous locks at home, that undesired brassy tone will always make an appearance. Our day-to-day lives include so many variables that can contribute to changing the tones of your hair, and the lighter your hair is, the more obvious those changes are. Simply a day in the sun can shift the exceptionally well lifted blonde you just had done the week prior. Without upkeep at home, you may find yourself contemplating scheduling an appointment simply to get your blonde toned, well before you need your roots touched up. Incorporating purple shampoo into your at-home routine can avoid an unnecessary trip to the salon and keep your beautiful color longer than you may have thought possible. 


Why Purple Shampoo Is So Effective

Blonde hair is particularly susceptible to outside elements impacting the color – the lighter your hair, the more you will experience alterations to your color. Brassiness, which is the yellow, orange, or copper tones that slowly build on your hair, is caused by our everyday lives. Things like minerals in the water you wash your hair with, UV rays outside, and chlorine all have the ability to cause brassy tones in your hair. Purple being opposite on the color wheel from brassy colors, purple shampoo is able to cancel out (or color-correct, said differently) those tones. 

Just like your typical shampoo, purple shampoo starts by cleansing your scalp and the strands of your hair, but while the shampoo is cleansing your hair strands, it is also depositing purple pigment. If you leave the shampoo on your hair for too long, you can really see the effectiveness, so it’s important to use your at-home color corrector the right way. 


Using Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is amazingly simple to build into your hair routine, but it’s important to use the shampoo as directed – only making adjustments to the product recommendations as you learn how it impacts your hair. Certain shampoos, like GKHair’s Purple Shampoo, do not need to be left on your hair for any more time than your typical shampoo. If you assume you need to let the shampoo sit for five minutes like you would with Matrix-Biolage, Moroccanoil, or L'Oréal Professionnel, you could very well end up with lavender hair. If that happens, it is temporary and will wash out, but it’s certainly not ideal. 

Though using purple shampoo outside of the directions could create an overcorrection scenario, finding a unique approach for your hair will still likely be required. Everyone’s hair is different, from the texture, level of blonde, natural undertones, and dryness – there are so many variations to our hair, so adjustments in how you personally use products will create optimal results. Your hair may need more than just a purple shampoo, but a purple conditioner, too. In fact, some brands recommend that, like the Paul Mitchell purple line. Start with a shampoo, use as recommended, then make small adjustments for your beautifully unique hair as needed. 

Purple shampoo, formulated by premium brands, is one of the most simple and affordable ways you can maintain your blonde hair at home. It’s inevitable that brassiness is going to impact your hair, given elements are around us every day that contribute to it. With routine use of purple shampoo at home, you can ensure your blonde hair keeps the same stunning, cool, tones it had the day you left the salon. Say goodbye to emergency hair appointments for a simple toner by maintaining your color at home! 

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Author: Kylie Loren

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