Is The Salon Shampoo And Conditioner Worth The Extra Money?

The debate between salon professional shampoo and regular shampoo has been raging since time immemorial and a day doesn't go by without a new brand claiming to offer salon-quality at half the price. In the vast majority of cases this is a complete lie, because, to put it quite simply, the ingredients that go in shampoos are expensive, meaning it is difficult to make good ones at an affordable price. However, there may occasionally be an exception to the rule and any good hairstylist will be happy to tell you the ones that they think are good value.

The debate is made even more complicated by the wide variety available in the industry: some home care shampoos are really, well-made and some salon shampoos are really, poorly made. But in general, salon shampoos have been shown to be better for your hair than home care shampoos and conditioners, and you should always speak to your stylist before buying: they are the experts after all!

Here are the reasons why salon shampoo and conditioner are the way to go if you want healthy, beautiful hair.

  1. Salon products have a higher concentration Salon shampoos generally have a higher concentration of ingredients, which means that you don't need to use as much of them to get good results. Drug store or supermarket shampoos tend to use more fillers, which means that your bottle of shampoo will go down much, much faster. This use of lower quality ingredients also makes them a lot waxier and fattier, meaning that they will clog up your sinks and won't generally nourish your hair as well as salon shampoos.

  2. Salon products have higher-quality ingredients The reason that salon shampoos cost more than the store-bought contemporaries is that they have a lot more, expensive ingredients in them. They usually contain a cocktail of oils, vitamins, plant extracts and minerals that genuinely will make your hair healthier in the long-run. This improvement in the health of your hair may mean that you don't have to spend as much money in the salon, meaning that salon shampoos might actually save you money.

  3. They are great for hair problems If you are unlucky enough to have certain kinds of hair problems like scalp damage, then salon products really come into their own. The higher-grade ingredients in them will make your hair healthier, which may eventually lead to whatever hair problem you have disappearing. This nourishing effect means that they are really worth the extra money.

Here’s a list of our top-rated professional brands:

  • Biotop Professional: The 911 Quinoa line features up to 10% of pure Quinoa extracts in each product, providing hair with an intense boost of nourishment & hydration. This plant-based superfood contains all nine essential amino acids naturally found within our hair and most closely resembles hair’s natural protein complex. Because Quinoa proteins are more easily able to bond to each hair cuticle, healthy hair results can be visible even after washing, making Quinoa a true treatment.
  • L’Oréal Professionnel: With ground-breaking molecular precision technology, they offer professional haircare for all hair types. Discover the best treatments for healthy hair.
  • Alfaparf Milano: The Hair Supporters line is an easy-to-use complete system that can be added to any technical service. The products can be used alone or together, depending on customer needs. A complex of soothing active ingredients relieves scalp discomfort and itching, while restructuring hair fiber.
  • Brazilian Blowout: Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.
  • Keune: a third-generation family-owned global company. They source the highest quality ingredients and manufacture the products with the customers in mind. The color, care, styling, and grooming products are designed for all people and hair types.

Overall, salon products tend to be superior to drug store or supermarket-bought options in most cases. Though they may be pricier, the long-term costs are often similar, making it worthwhile to enjoy the benefits of healthy hair. Luckily, NewCo Beauty is one of the few stores in the United States that offers both professional hair care products and top-rated direct-to-consumer brands. Browse our collections and reach out to our professionals for help selecting the best products for your needs.

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