The Toughest Decision of the Week

      Do your hands need to match your feet? Can you only wear neons during the summer? Are reds reserved for Christmas? Does yellow even look good as a nail polish color? Why do the whites always end up turning different colors by the end of your third day? So many nail polish questions, so little time! Aren't these the questions that run through your mind every time your manicurist tells you to pick out a color out of her wall of what seems like thousands of colors? I hope we aren't alone. We decided to do a little research into these questions and nail (no pun intended) them down for good.

     Picking a nail polish should be mostly based on your skin tone and your commitments for the upcoming week. Going to a black-tie wedding? You might want to try something classier and simple, like a nude, skin tone, light pink, red, or a dark merlot wine color. Going to a music festival like Coachella? Try the neons! We love how neon orange looks on a tan hand. If you have fairer skin and you aren't sure what color would look best, hold the bottle next to your hand and see what you think. Darker colors like black might make the skin on your hand seem a little washed out. Have fun with your nail polish, especially if you aren't in a profession that applies rules and limitations to the colors you could use.

     Scared to do a bold color like a yellow? Try color blocking! Combine the yellow with a coral or violet if you're feeling adventurous. Color blocking too bold? Try an accent nail. The accent nail can be that bold color you are scared to test out on your entire hand. Everyone goes through a glitter accent nail phase! Don't be scared to try new things. You never know what you'll like till you try it. Sometimes you must try things to see if they work for you. Why not try to mix up the colors between your hands and feet? You don't always have to match your mani to your pedi. Now we aren't saying go crazy and put purple and your hands and black on your feet but use complementary colors. What about a nice lilac on your hands and maybe a dark purple on your feet? Give it a shot!

     Now we understand that you should match your colors to the seasons. Winter calls for dark colors. Spring calls for pastels. Summer is for hot, bright, and neon. Fall is for browns, golds, rustic colors, reds, nudes. But who is to say you can't wear a pastel during the winter. Not us. We support whatever color you decide to put on your nails. Basically, these trends shouldn't stop you from a neon pink during winter.

     Considering trying a new nail look? We have a wall full of options for your wandering mind! Running low on your supply? Browse through our website to find and purchase your favorite OPI, Essie or Zoya colors as well as supplies and accessories necessary to achieve your ultimate look.


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