Nest Is Your Soon-to-Be New Home Fragrance Favorite – Here’s Why

Nest Is Your Soon-to-Be New Home Fragrance Favorite – Here’s Why 

There really is nothing better than getting to light a candle that smells amazing, filling your entire space with its fantastic aroma. Few things compare to the relaxation of lighting a candle at the end of a busy day, signifying it’s time to unwind and enjoy your home. Outside of getting to enjoy the scent of home fragrance yourself, our homes tend to acquire their own unique scent – one that invites guests in and reminds them where they are the moment they enter the door. 

Finding a new scent for your home is tough because of all that it signifies, but when you find a new favorite home fragrance (or two) to have in your house, they bring an unmatched feeling of relaxation and joy. We’re confident Nest has the fragrances you will want to add to your collection at home, with amazing scents that appeal to everyone (and containers you will want to include in your décor, too). 

About Nest Fragrances

Nest aspires to create a sensory experience for their customers, with scents that provoke all different moods – giving customers exactly the vibe they want in their home. Beyond the experience Nest fragrances offer, Nest’s founder wanted to provide customers with high-quality home fragrance at an affordable price, which was highly uncommon when the company was founded in 2008 (and it is still a challenge to find today). Outside of the amazing luxury scents and affordable prices, Nest also ensures every home fragrance, candle or otherwise, is display-ready. Unlike many candles with a basic container and unsightly label, Nest wants customers to proudly display their candles and diffusers among their already beautiful décor – not taking away from the design but adding to the entire experience (visually and in aroma). Though Nest stands out in dozens of ways, it’s best to smell and feel the difference yourself. Check out a few of their amazing products and scents, finding one that aligns with the vibe you want in your home, then see how Nest home fragrances stand out first-hand. 

  • Nest Classic Candle: Available in 14 different scents, with beautiful containers to match each aroma, Nest’s Classic Candle is a great starting place for anyone looking to try Nest in their own home. Though their Amalfi Lemon & Mint stands out as a clean, spa-like scent, you can peruse their various aromas yourself to find the one that best aligns with the signature scent you would like in your home. 

  • Nest Votive Candle: Smaller than their classic candle, which comes in 8.1 oz, the beautiful votives will leave you wanting multiple for the added décor in your home. The Nest Votive Candle comes in a 2 oz container, with the same different scents you can choose from (or mix and match). Find your perfect match today, but move fast – these votive candles sell out fast! 

  • Nest 3-Wick Candle: If you are ready to take the deep dive into a candle sized to last, their 3-wick candle is for you. This 21.1 oz candle provides the same great benefits as Nest’s classic, but more than double the size. In 11 aromas to choose from, there is a scent offered to complement every home. 

  • Nest Reed Diffuser: Nest doesn’t stop with amazing candles to give your home a new sensory experience, they offer reed diffusers that do the same. Just as Nest candles add to the aesthetic of your décor, so do these amazing reed diffusers. Unlike candles, reed diffusers allow you to experience Nest just as your guests do – the moment you walk through the door. Without dealing with flames, your home can smell like your favorite Nest fragrance 24/7. Choose from their 11 scents today! 

Nest has a reputation they more than live up to, with an aromatic experience awaiting anyone that makes a Nest purchase. Find your new favorite fragrance today! 

Author: Kylie Loren

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