REDAVID® arrives at New Company Beauty Supply

REDAVID is a super innovative hair care Canadian brand that has just arrived at New Company Beauty Supply.

Based on the premise "You need hair science that REALLY works", REDAVID® has developed a range of hair care products that REALLY penetrate, repair & improve hair, both clinically and consistently. 

Every REDAVID® formula goes through a process of tweaking in the lab and then a secondary process of 3+ years of stress testing in a salon environment. This process ensures the maximum performance and ensures that every drop in every bottle is designed for perfection.

Redavid team has carefully selected the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients that treat, reinforce & thicken hair and leave it better than it found it...but most importantly never add weight. All products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free.

And there's more: All REDAVID® products are thoroughly tested by a team before they hit the shelves.

Created behind the chair and not in a boardroom, REDAVID® is a promise of something better. Something unique. An authentic Canadian luxury haircare brand, made in British Columbia.

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