Sebastian Hair Care: Get the Radical Texture & Volume You Crave

Sebastian Hair Care: Get the Radical Texture & Volume You Crave

Does your hair care routine need a boost? Sebastian Professional hair care products can provide precisely what you need.

Adding Sebastian to your beautiful hair toolkit will help you achieve the texture and volume you crave without sacrificing shine or softness. Rock long-lasting styles while keeping your locks soft and manageable!

Top 6 Products From Sebastian Professional Hair Care

We adore all their products, but we've curated a list of our top six favorites to make your hair care shopping a breeze. Check them out below and discover the styling products you've searched for.

  • Sebastian Cellophanes: Sebastian Cellophanes is a semi-permanent color shine in 11 shades – plus Clear – of ammonia-free colorizing gloss treatment. As well as heightening the reflectivity of each strand, Cellophanes strengthens hair, preserves natural moisture balance and protects against UV. You can always rely on Sebastian Professional Cellophanes for stunningly flawless beauty.

  • Potion No.9 Wearable Treatment: Potion 9 is a revolutionary product that nourishes your hair during the blow-drying process, bringing a dazzling luster to any hair type. This versatile, wearable potion leverages nine active botanical extracts to revitalize and manage your hair. It offers a flexible hold perfect for all the creative styles you dream up. A bonus? It also restores moisture to help your hair look and feel as healthy as ever. It's truly a magical potion you've got to try.

  • Shaper Hairspray: We aren't playing around when we say Sebastian can help you achieve the radical volume and texture you crave! The brand's Shaper Flexible Hold Hairspray is one of its many products that will remedy those cravings. It's a flash-dry hairspray offering lightweight control that is easy to brush through. This gravity-defying hairspray creates versatile styles and great control while leaving your hair downright touchable.

  • Texturizer Flexible LiquiGel: Here's yet another Sebastian hair care product making anyone's volume and texture dreams a reality. It amplifies the hair's natural flow and energy for a perfectly toned texture. Its unique formula contains wheat and soy proteins to unlock the potential of each strand to enhance body and texture. This liquid gel will adapt to you for a personalized hair styling experience, whether you have fine, straight hair or coarse, curly hair. It offers ideal separation for straight hair and a defined bounce for curly hair.

  • Reset Shampoo: Revitalize your hair's natural shine with Sebastian Professional Reset Shampoo. This clarifying shampoo, designed to gently remove even the most potent styling products, will leave your hair smelling great. So safe that it can be used every day, even with colored hair! And it won't leave any dreaded residue behind. Sounds great, right?

  • Preset Conditioner: Want to prime your hair for optimal beauty success? You must try Sebastian's Preset Conditioner. It's a clear conditioner that brings grip and texture to hair—the perfect primer for every style. It protects hair from heat damage, drastically reduces frizz, and strengthens your locks before styling.

Sebastian Professional has a wide range of hair products that allow you to manipulate your locks and create gorgeous styles that last. Don't let your hair care routine fall into a boring rut. Keep things exciting by experimenting with Sebastian's high-quality hair care products today.


Author: Megan Marshall

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