Temporary Hair Color: best selection of products

Temporary Hair Color: best selection of products

We've all been through times when changing the look was all we needed to start something new. Since hair color brands started to introduce non-permanent products hair color, this desire for change became easier to achieve without compromise. We all have this daydream of having a fun color peeking out of our hair but going to the salon and having to bleach our hair to get permanent results can be a little intimidating. But now, there are many temporary hair color products, and our pros have made a selection of different brands just for you! 

Here is a list of the different temporary hair colors, and some tricks to give you the push you needed for a little change and fun!

Aloxxi - InstaBoost Conditioning Color Masque (click here to shop)


Aloxxi InstaBoost Conditioning Color Masque replaces your conditioner after cleansing to add beautiful color while providing intense nourishment and shine. It’s available in different colors:

  • Aquamarine Dream
  • Copper Cabana
  • Fireball Red
  • Gloss Boss (Clear)
  • Golden Heiress
  • Good as Rose Gold
  • Hazel-Nuts For You
  • Pink Please
  • Purple Reign
  • Silver Fox
  • Strictly Platinum
  • True Blue

And the best part: lasts up to 15 washes depending on the porosity of the hair and the shade selected.

Extra pigmented formulas add intense color to pre-lightened platinum to medium blonde hair or give a hint of color to dark blonde to light brown hair while nourishing strands.

How to use: Use gloves to avoid staining hands. Apply a generous amount to damp hair. If applying to specific strands, work through the area with fingers. If applying to a full head of hair, comb through from base to ends for even distribution. 

Leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Use more frequently for more intense results. When used on brown hair, multiple applications may be needed to achieve the desired result.

Moroccanoil - Color Depositing Mask (click here to shop)


Incredible color power plus all the benefits of a conditioning mask! The recipe for new, colorful strands with this easy-to-use mask from Moroccanoil. 

- Color Benefits: enhances tones; refreshes existing hair color; customizes hair color; temporary results.

- Care Benefits: deep conditions; instantly increases softness; helps restore hair health; imparts radiant shine.

Available in:

  • Aquamarine is a cool blue tone for use on light blonde to medium blonde hair. Because of its exceptional vibrancy, it may last longer than other shades in the collection. 
  • Bordeaux is a deep crimson brown for use on light brown to dark brown hair. 
  • Champagne is a warm, golden blonde for use on light blonde to medium blonde hair. 
  • Cocoa is a rich medium brown for use on light brown to dark brown hair.
  • Copper is an intense copper tone for medium blonde to medium brown hair.
  • Hibiscus is a brilliant, floral pink tone for use on light blonde to medium blonde hair. 
  • Lilac is a soft pastel purple for light blonde to medium blonde hair. 
  • Platinum is a cool, icy blonde for use on light blonde to medium blonde hair.
  • Rose Gold is a soft pink with warm, golden undertones for use on light blonde to medium blonde hair. 

Be careful: before committing to a full head of color, Moroccanoil recommends conducting a strand test first to assess the level of color deposition. Start by choosing a small piece of hair to test, ideally one that’s mostly hidden when your hair is styled normally. Section off the strand and tie the rest out of the way. 

How to use:  Apply Color Depositing Mask on the strand and leave it for 2–3 minutes. Rinse. If the color is too subtle, try a second strand and leave it on for longer. 

  1. Start with clean, towel-dried hair. 
  2. Section hair and apply a generous amount. 
  3. Distribute evenly using a wide-tooth comb. Leave on for 5–7 minutes, depending on desired intensity. 
  4. Rinse thoroughly. Style as usual.

Roux - Fanci-Full Rinse (click here to shop)

Roux Fanci Full

With an instantaneous and non-damaging effect, Roux colorizing refreshes faded hair color, applying color and tone correction.  Another innovation is the addition of a styling lotion, allowing coloring and styling in one easy step.

Available in:

  • Black Rage 
  • Chocolate Kiss 
  • Hidden Honey 
  • Spun Sand 
  • Sweet Cream 
  • Plush Brown 
  • Frivolous Fawn 
  • Golden Spell 
  • True Steel 
  • Silver Lining 
  • Ultra White Minx 
  • White Minx 
  • Bashful Blonde

How to use: Shampoo hair. Rinse well. Towel dry. Using rubber gloves, raise the applicator tip of the bottle and apply close to hair. Work color through hair with fingers, then comb through to ensure even distribution and saturation of every hair strand. Blow-dry and style as desired. When washing face, if soap removes color at the hairline, dab on a little of Fanci-Full with cotton.

They also have the Fanci-Full formula in Mousse! Click here to shop https://www.newcompanybeauty.com/products/roux-fanci-full-mousse

Now, if you want to just touch-up the color of your root:

Color Wow - Root Cover Up (click here to shop)

Color Wow

A fast, precise, and easy-to-use option to apply to your hair! The cost-benefit is also impressive: this compact case contains approximately 60 uses!! It also works as a perfecting powder to create the look of thicker hair by filling in gaps or covering sparse spots.

Available in:

  • Platinum
  • Blonde
  • Dark Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Black
  • Red

And the best part: a water resistant formula with no waxes, dyes or parabens!

How to use: Apply to dry hair. Load up the small end of the brush with powder, use your free hand to pull hair flat against your head, and press the brush down firmly into roots, starting from the scalp and working out. 

To extend highlights, use the side edge of a small brush. Lightly dust off any excess powder with a wide end of the brush. To fill in, use the large end of the brush and a sweeping technique to cover larger areas.

L'Oréal Professionnel - Hair Touch Up Root Concealer (click here to shop)

L'Oréal Professionnel

If you want to put an end to grey strands between coloring, this is a great option! 

Suitable for all hair types, its advanced Freeze Dry Technology ensures the spray dries instantly without transfer, whilst the fine nozzle offers precise, mess-free application. It rinses easily with shampoo. Choose between:

  • Auburn
  • Light Warm Blonde
  • Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Brown
  • Dark Brown/Black

How to use: Identify Grey Hair. Part hair to show the grey roots you want to temporarily cover. Shake well, hold precision applicator 4-6 inches away, and spray onto grey hair. Style as usual. Wait until hair is dry before styling.

Grey Free by Giuliano Professional Temporary Hair Color (click here to shop)

Grey Free

It’s hard to believe how versatile Grey Free is! It works for hair, mustaches, beards, eyebrows, eyelashes, or lowlights! And the best: a 100% Greyfree effect. 

Available in:

  • Auburn 
  • Light Blonde 
  • Medium Blonde 
  • Dark Blonde 
  • Ash Brown 
  • Light Brown 
  • Medium Brown 
  • Dark Brown 
  • Black

Choose the best fit for you and get a lot of comfort on your way! 

How to use: Apply to dry or towel dry hair. Using the wand provided gently brush or dab & roll the hair color onto graying or blonde roots. Set the color by using your hairdryer for 30sec on medium to high heat. 5 min for air dry before brushing and or styling. Brushing will remove any excess color. Style hair as normal. Styling tools may be used once hair and color are dry.

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