The New Detoxifying Product Line You’ll Feel Confident Using on Your Hair

The New Detoxifying Product Line You’ll Feel Confident Using on Your Hair

Introducing the all-new line from L’Oréal Professionnel, the Metal Detox. L’Oréal Professionnel is always seeking to evolve what they have to offer customers as their technology improves through their innovation. The Metal Detox is a wonderful example of a product line that puts your hair health and needs at the forefront of their technology, setting the tone for other product lines to follow. 

The Metal Detox Difference

Hearing that the Metal Detox line is great for your hair is always nice but understanding why is far more important. To create a truly unmatched product line, L’Oréal developed a patented technology that includes Glicoamine – a molecule that completely neutralizes the metal that has accumulated within hair fibers, detoxifying your hair strand by strand. Unfortunately, many of the hair products or treatments available today are riddled with metal, detrimental to the health of your color-treated hair and the reliability of treatment outcomes. With metal inside fibers, hair is more prone to breakage and unintended color results. 

The amount of metal an individual has in their hair fibers varies depending on their hair’s porosity, products they use, and the quality of the water in their local area. Even a small amount of metal can create problems for your hair, with the likelihood of breakage of color-related issues increasing with the amount of metal present. Regardless of the concentration of metal within your hair, the Metal Detox line was created to help alleviate the issue – giving you beautifully healthy hair, with reliable coloring and lightening results. 

In-Salon Products

There is a slight variation among at-home versus in-salon products when it comes to the new Metal Detox by L’Oréal Paris. Regarding the in-salon products, L’Oréal has a 3-step protocol (as they call it). Their 3-step protocol starts with their Metal Neutralizer Spray, to be used ahead of a color or lightening treatment. The neutralizer is a pre-treatment that proactively eliminates metals that would be problematic to your color treatment results.

Next up in their 3-step protocol is the Anti-Metal Cleansing Cream and Anti-Deposit Conditioner, a professional shampoo and conditioner to be used after treating a client’s hair. This powerful shampoo/conditioner set detoxifies your client’s hair, eliminating any metal accumulation that occurred during the service, while protecting hair from future deposits. To complete the 3-step protocol for color specialists, L’Oréal has their Anti-Deposit Protector Mask, which serves as a protectant to prevent new metal particles from coming back to your client’s hair fibers by acting as a barrier. Taking all three steps, you are removing existing metals, getting rid of metals your service may have caused, then protecting your client’s hair from future deposits – truly astonishing. 

At-Home Products

Thankfully for us, L’Oréal’s amazing new line can also be used in the comfort of our own homes – maximizing the benefits we see (especially given many of the metals in our hair come from the water we consistently wash our hair in). The only real difference between the in-salon versus at-home products is the lack of the Metal Neutralizer Spray at home as that is used as a protectant ahead of hair procedures. Otherwise, we can still use the Anti-Metal Cleansing Cream as our at-home shampoo to detoxify our hair, the Anti-Deposit Conditioner to further eliminate and protect against metals, then we can complete our at-home treatment with the Anti-Deposit Protector Mask – preventing future metal accumulation on our hair by creating a strong barrier protectant. 

With L’Oréal’s new patented technology in their Metal Detox line, we can see hair results like never before – eliminating breakage at home and in the salon, while also assuring reliable results when coloring or lightening hair. They truly thought through every step of hair detoxification and protection from harmful metals. Detoxified hair is just a few clicks away – try out this powerful new technology today and see the difference for yourself!

Author: Kylie Loren

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