Tips and tricks for easy DIY Halloween Makeup

If you are looking for simple and easy halloween makeup ideas, we can help you! Of course, the artistic and elaborate designs are incredible, but the ones for beginners can also rock the fantasy without making much effort! And especially now in this crazy 2020, that won’t be much parties or trick or treating, but it will definitely be a lot of Instagram pictures and tik-tok! 

To prove that it is possible, we prepared some inspirations and, of course, we'll give you tips on how to DIY and show amazing products that can help you to do remarkable looks and have a lot of fun in the meantime. So prepare your makeup bag and let's do this!


Kitty makeup is easy and cute

The kitten makeup is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most delicate to make. All you need is to use an eyeliner or black pencil to paint the tip of the nose, then to create a line up to the cupid's bow and, finally, a black lipstick to cover the lips.

Oh, and of course, to enhance the costume, just make little dots in the cheeks that imitate the kitten whiskers! Finish with a little bit of highlighter and your look will be impeccable. It’s a great option for Halloween makeup for work (even if you’ll appear online)! 

Some easy-to-apply eyeliners and tools you’ll love: 

bareMinerals Lash Domination Liquid Eyeliner - $19,00

Palladio Liner Obsessed Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - $9,00

Brandon Eyeliner Brush - $5,99

Halloween Makeup Kitten



Clown makeup looks with a scary touch

Do you want to try something more scary, but not so much? Then the clown make-up is your call! In the simplest version, what you need is to focus on the well-marked facial contours on the side and well-smokey eyeshadow - both on the eyelids and on the lower lash line.

Then, to finish off the look, take your wine lipstick in pencil and paint the tip of your nose and lips. Then, starting from the corners of the mouth, make a line to the bottom of the eyes. Finish it by making a very pointed triangle above your eyebrow and get ready to rock!

With the Palladio’s Eyeshadow Palette, not only you can easily make this look, but also create different styles and colors for your character: 

Palladio The Ultimate Pro Shadow Palette 35 Count Eyeshadow Collection - $19,99

Halloween Makeup Clown


Simple witch makeup with purple lipstick is perfect for the occasion

Witch makeup is a Halloween classic, right? And to put on a soft gothic look, all you need to do is to start the look with a well-designed eyeshadow - preferably with a good cut crease in earthy tones. If you want to make the look uncomplicated, it is worth doing just a basic brown smokey eye, using the eyeliner and using dark and metallic lipstick, like purple, for example. So the mouth will be the main protagonist of the look!

Check out these nude and smokey eye palettes and gorgeous colorful lipsticks: 

bareMinerals Horizon Bounce & Blur Eyeshadow Palette - $23,20 (ON SALE NOW!!)

bareMinerals Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette - $29,00

bareMinerals barePro Longwear Lipstick shade Dahlia - $19,99

Zoya Lipstick shade Tommy - $12,00


Share these ideas and inspirations with your friends and get ready together!

Because Halloween is all about fantasy and fun! And if you are a New Company Beauty Member and use the referral links for shopping, both of you get 5$ off your purchase! Not a member yet? Register now! Just click here and Happy Halloween! 

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