Goomee - The Markless Hair Loop - Original Collection

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Goomee is made of polyurethane, also known as synthetic resin. This special material does not absorb dirt and bacteria and also ensures a high level of hygiene because of its easy-to-clean surface.

When this hair ring is wrapped around the hair, it places uneven pressure around the circumference of the ponytail; standard hair rings put even pressure on the hair, leaving an obvious mark. 

The uneven pressure produced by the goomee allows for the hair to be held strongly in the ponytail without being too tight. This gives individual hairs more space within the ponytail than they would have when wearing a normal hair band.

  • Avoids hair breakage
  • Doesn't leave any marks on your hair
  • Strong grip for all hair types
  • No pins
  • Prevents headaches
  • Water resistant
  • Hygienic

Size: 4-pack

How to restore your goomee to its original shape:

Method 1: Submerge goomee in warm water for approximately 10 seconds and the goomee will shrink to original size.

Method 2: Use your hair dryer to blow hot air directly above the goomee for 5-6 seconds and the goomee will shrink to original size.