Alfaparf Milano - ColorWear 9 - Metallic Grey Black

Alfaparf Milano - ColorWear 9 - Metallic Grey Black

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Alfaparf Color Wear is an Ammonia and PPD-free tone-on-tone semi-permanent hair colour. Enriched with natural ingredients for absolute customisation and endless shine.

- Intense and Ultra Luminous Reflects thanks to extracts of Saffron, Indigo, and Rubbia, plants used to produce rich and glowing color effects in fabrics;
- Unparalleled Lasting Power thanks to Tannin, a natural fixative that bonds color to the hair fiber with the same principle used to fix color to the fibers of textiles;
- Extremely Conditioned and Touchably Soft thanks to the high concentration of Natural Ingredients in the formula;

When to use Color Wear:
For all your salon clients who want ammonia-free color
To add new fashion tones or to enhance shine and intensity to natural hair
To cover grey hair (60%-100%)
To tone bleached or sun-kissed highlights
To level-out faded areas of permanent color
To revive hair color after a perm or straightening service
To revive hair color and shine to damaged hair

How to use: In a non-metal bowl, mix the selected Color Wear shade with 5 Vol or 15 Vol Activator, depending on the service desired.
- First Application: Distribute the mixture throughout the hair from roots to ends. Leave on for the required time, then rinse well with warm water. Shampoo the hair and rinse, proceed with styling as desired.
- Following Applications: Apply the mixture to the roots, select appropriate mixing ratio for desired results. Apply the color to the rest of the hair with a mixing ratio of 1:2, leave on for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the desired color intensity.
The Platinum series should be applied to bases no darker than light brown.

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