Keune -  Silver Savior Treatment Kit

Keune - Silver Savior Treatment Kit

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Meet Care Silver Savior by Keune. It’s here to banish yellowing and brassiness – and keep blonde, silver, white or lavender shades bright and fresh. Powerful purple pigments tone and cool, provitamin B5 softens and plumps and wheat proteins strengthen and thicken. Stay silvery, shine bright.

Hair type: Blonde Hair

Treatment set contains:

  • (1) Silver Savior Shampoo 33.8 oz - Purple shampoo for silvery hair. Busts brassiness and keeps blonde, silver, white or lavender shades fresh and bright. 
  • (1) Silver Savior Conditioner 33.8 oz - Packed with powerful purple pigments neutralize any and all unwanted brassiness. 
  • (1) Silver Savior Foam Treatment 6.9 oz - A leave-in conditioning mousse. Contains brass-busting violet pigments to neutralize unwanted warm tones and nourishing Provitamin B5 to keep hair looking and feeling silky soft. The mousse also features the Bond Fuser technology.

Set Value: $105.18

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