Moroccanoil - Blonde Perfecting Purple Conditioner

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Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Conditioner deposits violet pigments to counteract yellow and orange hues while providing the same detangling, softening, and nourishing benefits as other conditioners.

Hair type: Blonde Hair

How to use: This conditioner should be massaged into hair like any other conditioner, then left on for 1–2 minutes. For enhanced toning, leave on for up to 5 minutes. 

Active Ingredients:

- ArganID Technology: positively charged micro-capsules are attracted to the negatively charged hair fiber, infusing the antioxidant powers of argan oil into the cortex of the hair while simultaneously helping to repair and seal the cuticle.

- Violet Pigments: impart color and visual effect, enhancing depth, dimension and providing a natural-looking sheen. These rich, iridescent pigments also have a satin luster and superior coverage properties.

- Amino Acid Blend: offers color protection and repair benefits to strengthen the hair structure. Improves color retention and enhances shine while detangling the hair.

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