Nioxin - Therm Activ Protector

Nioxin - Therm Activ Protector

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Nioxin 3D Help protect normal and thinning hair against breakage with Nioxin 3D Styling ThermActiv Hair Protector Spray. This innovative heat activated spray is designed to be used prior to styling to leave hair shiny and feeling healthy. Scientifically engineered Nioxin formula with LightPlex technology helps to protect hair against hair loss due to breakage.

LIGHTPLEX: A professional technology proven to work both inside and outside the hair. Conditioning agents absorb into the hair's cortex, retaining moisture for longer and protecting it from environmental damage, while flexible lightweight polymers wrap around each hair for balanced styles with no stiffness.

Hair type: Fine/Thin Hair, Normal Hair

How to use: Spray that helps create a fuller looking effect while setting your style firmly in place, and brushes out easily.

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