Phyto - Phytonovathrix Energizing Hair Mass Lotion

Phyto - Phytonovathrix Energizing Hair Mass Lotion

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Phyto Fortifying Energizing Lotion is formulated with 99% natural ingredients, this fresh, lightweight lotion gives hair a real boost. Its exceptional active ingredients promote stronger, more resilient growth and its active texture instantly envelops hair, restoring body and volume without leaving it feeling oily or sticky.

Hair type: Fine/Thin Hair

How to use: Apply this no-rinse formula daily. Simply spray onto dry or damp scalp 6 times and massage in to promote product penetration. Finish by spraying over lengths 2 to 3 times to help with styling.

Active Ingredients: Globularia Stem Cells: protect the hair follicle from oxidative stress that diminishes its quality.

Tulip Extract: recreates a healthy environment, allowing for optimal hair anchoring.

Lupin Hydrolysate: ensures better micro-circulation in the scalp.

Horsetail Extract: tightens the dermal support structure promoting better anchoring of the hair, and seals scales for an instant styling effect.

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