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A revolutionary, gentle, hydroxide-free relaxing treatment for delicate, fine hair. The only relaxer in the market with active relaxing ingredients of 100% natural origin. The egg and soy-based formula is odorless and does not contain lye for ultimate scalp comfort. Relax delicate and fine hair safely and effectively without the use of harsh chemicals.

This permanent at-home relaxing kit straightens delicate and fine hair safely and effectively. It provides superior conditioning and is comfortable even for the most sensitive scalps. The result is relaxed hair with movement, body, and shine.

The non-chemical relaxer is made with soy, egg, and shitake mushrooms instead of sodium hydroxide for a more gentle process. The no-lye formula straightens 95% of your natural texture so your hair is left with more body. It can also be used on color-treated hair.

  • Relaxes fine, delicate, and color-treated curls and waves
  • Provides superior conditioning
  • Comfortable for even the most sensitive scalps
  • Imparts movement, body, and shine
  • Gentle and safe formula


Hair type: Fine/Thin Hair

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY before applying this permanent relaxer system. If you do not have experience applying relaxers, please consult a professional prior to your first application. If you decide to apply the relaxer yourself, always perform a strand test prior to applying to the entire head. If you have previously relaxed hair, relax only the new growth.


  • Do not use on previously highlighted, bleached, permed, or henna-treated hair.
  • This product should only be applied to healthy hair.
  • Do not apply the relaxer to the scalp.
  • Follow the warnings as indicated in the enclosed leaflet.
  • Read the instructions carefully prior to the application. Please consult a professional prior to 1st application.

Great for texturizing or creating soft waves. Always perform a strand test before full application.

Active ingredients:

Natural origin straightening agent

- Cinchona Extract: It is known for its richness in minerals, which provide stimulating and toning properties.

- Botanical Keratin: An original complex, made of Quinoa, Lupin, and Pea plant proteins, with moisturizing, softening, emollient, antioxidant, and hair repairing properties. It has an amino acid profile similar to the physiological keratin in the hair to efficiently reproduce its properties.

- Mallow Extraction: Acting as a humectant by retaining water, it guarantees the hydration of the hair and softness of the hair fiber.

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