Terme - Hair Colouring Cream 6.62

Terme - Hair Colouring Cream 6.62

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A premium European colour made with the finest ingredients. TERME is composed using the purest colouring substances and enriched with Natural Protective Formula. An oxidation colouring product, rich in natural ingredients, which has an innovative formula using the purest of colouring substances and Ceramide A2. It also contains an exclusive Restructurizing Multivitaminic Complex which gives splendid long-last shades.

TERME has been formulated using an exclusive regenerating collagen and protein complex which assists in creating healthier looking and longer lasting colour. TERME's exclusive formula has been created with a low minimum ammonia content helping make it a gentler and more effective colour with lightly infused fragrance making it pleasant to use.


- Enhanced protective formula rich with regenerating collagen and protein complex for healthier looking hair

- Colours, nourishes and protects

- Rich with collagen

- Protective collagen and protein fixative technology

- 100% grey coverage

- For shinier looking hair and professional finish

- Low ammonia content

- 14 families of colour shades to choose from

- 70 different shades

- Three families of naturals to create the finest natural finish

- Made in Italy

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