Truss - Amino Spray

Truss - Amino Spray

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Truss Miracle Amino contains essential oils with incredible fragrance to increase hydration and replenish Amino Acids lost through chemical processes. Seals the cuticles, controls the frizz, detangles and protects hair from damages caused by the heat of hot tools, maintaining its integrity and the color, for a finish look with intense shine.

Hair type: Straight Hair

How to use: On clean and damp hair, spray on the length and ends from a 7’ distance.

During Work Station Treatment Process, spray Amino Truss on sections of the hair prior to flat-ironing. For Thermal Protection – do not use on hair with a tendency to oiliness. Ideal for sealing “High Porosity” type of hair.

Active Ingredients:

Blend of Miracle Oils: recovers hair damage. Restores amino acids proteins and lipids. Increases elasticity and resistance. Provides softness and reduces frizz.

Nano Repair: micro-particles that are deposited on hair with high amounts of Amino Acid charges (positive), creating a protective layer promoting frizz reduction, color protection, shine, soft touch and intense conditioning.

Amisil: conditioning agent formed by Amino Acids and Silicones. Promotes heat protection, provides a better slide of the flat iron, offers volume and frizz reduction, intense shine and softness without oilness.

Keratin: Protein quickly absorbed by hair, increasing strength and providing body to the hair. Composed of 20 Amino Acids.

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