Voluspa - Maison Blanc Collection - 3 Wick Tin Candle

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Voluspa's Maison Blanc blend ignites your senses with striking notes that evoke the freshness of nature. Creating an over indulgence that leaves your mouth watering, the collection pops with pulpy persimmon, muddled peaches, intoxicating white florals and cool citrus. Maison Blanc is finished with comforting sensations of buttery soft suede and a refreshing ocean breeze. Allow this bright blend of fragrances to lift your spirits and transform any lackluster day into a celebration. Available in a variety of scents that feel light and bright, each illuminating spaces with flawless scent performance.

These iconic metallic tins take on a new look and feel adorned in the Maison pattern emboss. A graceful urn-shaped container featuring three wicks creates a generous melted wax pool and ample fragrance throw while burning.

Burn Time: ~ 40 Hours
Fill: 12 oz.

  • Proprietary coconut wax blend + 100% natural wicks
  • Hand-poured in the U.S.A.
  • Not tested on animals


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